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Certifications - Dolphins in the Desert

Coaching Supervision Academy 


 Paris 2014

Individual and group supervision

Team supervision


CCR Global - ORSC 

Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching

Systemic Relationship Coach for organizations, groups, teams

Paris 2012

. Relationship Systems Coaching

. Executive & Team coaching

. Alliance and mediation

. Constellations

. Process Work - Deep Democracy


Erickson College International France

Certified coach ECPC

Paris 2011/2012

Systemic coaching focused on solutions

Coaching of Excellence


Supporting change

. Alignment of values

Emotional Intelligence


PCC accreditation  from the International Coach Federation

ICF Member since 2010


HeartMath France

HeartMath certification – Cardiac Coherence

Paris 2012

Method and protocol for cardiac coherence

Stress management . Burn-out

Intuitive intelligence of the heart


International Society of Neuro Semantics 

Meta-States Practitioner - Neuro Semantics Certified Trainer

Paris 2011

Modeling Excellence

. Méta-Coaching


. H uman potential development


Reiki Usui

Reiki Master, Master Level

Miami 2006

Universal Energy, Spirit, Essence


Reconnection Healing & the Reconnection

Master of Reconnective Healing 

Stockholm 2007

Frequencies of vibrational energies

Development of consciousness

Life path acceleration

Reconnection with universal intelligence


International Fashion University ESMOD Group 

Fashion Designer - Stylisme & modélisme

Paris 1984 – 1988

Design & Modelisme of  collections

. Textile design

. Fashion shows