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Listening to silence

Listening to silence - Dolphins in the Desert

Today, everyone is agreed that there aren’t enough skills or available tools to support the inner person. A reasonable balance must be found between one’s own personality and one’s job as a trainer.

However, it’s becoming more and more common to meet coaches, whether they be “young coaches” just out of a training school, or experimented coaches in the profession, who see themselves as out of sync with the people they are working with.

First and foremost they find themselves out of balance within themselves, even more than with the discord they feel with their charges.

Behind the attitude of the trainer lies the attitude of the human and the sense he gives to his life. This sense evolves and takes on different forms, not always the most desirable ones.

This supervision seminar, held in total immersion in a timeless location, will allow you to discover the true trainer inside you, to match your values with the core values in your life and to construct a presence before others but most of all for yourself, in the present moment.

It’s by listening to silence, the vibrating of the voice, the opening up of the heart and the development of intuitive intelligence that you will achieve this presence, which will make you more able to listen and connect with someone else.

Most of all however, it’s by listening to that which is most precious inside each of us that you will achieve a powerful stature as a trainer.


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