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Seminar in the desert

The sens of the essential

The sens of the essential - Dolphins in the Desert

The desert is unique in that it makes simple what at first glance seems complicated.

Ideas are transformed more easily than elsewhere into principles and beliefs, complex situations are seen from a different angle, individuals develop a unique bond between them, demonstrating the exercise of restraint, humility, non-judgment, tolerance, all the qualities necessary for the rules of socialization in group life.

The desert channels an energy full of resources. Its vastness allows talents and motivations to emerge, its brightness cultivates levity, and its silence teaches patience, one of life’s virtues that helps you listen to others and to respect them.

Day after day the desert demonstrates its qualities, and the arid landscape encourages you to set out to discover your Essential.


What I offer

How to make clear what is difficult and complex to undertake. How to take the time to explain ideas, generate resources and to develop your natural leadership while mobilizing your potential.

I use the desert, a place of enchantment, as a metaphor for the path which can reveal a system to itself, nourishing the collective intelligence of a group, and leading each individual towards discovering themselves.

It is a practical seminar, involving creativity, constellations, exchanges and sharing, sensory and corporal experiences (balance, walking silently, breathing and cardiac coherence) to establish relational coherence between individuals that go beyond professional goals.

When we abandon our fears and our defenses and dare to trust, we find the peace that provides access to our Essence.” Thierry Janssen

Cardiac coherence HeartMath

Cardiac coherence HeartMath - Dolphins in the Desert

Dolphin's leadership

Dolphin's leadership - Dolphins in the Desert

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